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This is 8 inch Gurkha Iraqi operation Khukuri. This is light kukri in with beautiful rosewood handle and has a strong grip. 

The khukuri (Nepali khukuri) is a Nepalese knife with an inwardly curved blade, similar to a machete, used as both a tool and as a weapon in Nepal and some neighboring countries of South Asia. Traditionally it was, and in many cases still is, the basic utility knife of the Nepalese people. It is a characteristic weapon of the Nepalese Army, the Royal Gurkha Rifles, Assam Rifles, Assam Regiment of Indian Army and of all Gurkha regiments throughout the world, so much so that some English-speakers refer to the weapon as a \\\\\\\"Gurkha blade\\\\\\\" or \\\\\\\"Gurkha knife\\\\\\\". The kukri often appears in Nepalese heraldry and is used in many traditional rituals such as wedding ceremonies. Bhojpur is in the Eastern Hilly District of Nepal; famous for Khukuri making. This small hilly district is home to most blacksmiths who have been engaged Khukuri making since time immemorial. The Khukuri can be a useful working tool as well as an excellent gift for decoration.


Length of Khukuri*

13 inches

Length of Blade

8 inches

Length of Handle

4.5 inches

Weight of Blade

550-600 gm

Quality of Blade:

Handmade, high tempered carbon steel

Handle Material :



 *As Khukuris are handcrafted they may have slight variations in measurements.


Cover: Leather


Origin: Hand made in Eastern Mountain District of  Nepal, Bhojpur and Dharan





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