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This model of Khukuri is used by Gurkha soldiers during world war II. This Khukuri was also used by Indian Gurkha soldiers and also made in Dehradun, India and hence it is also called Dehradune Khukuri. Dehradun is also  a place of Gurkhas in India.

Blade Made Material:       Made of Highly Graded Carbon Steel 

Steel Category:                A grade leaf spring steel (from car or jeep )

The hardness of Steel:     Spine 22 & 25 Rc, Midpoint of the belly 45 & 46 Rc, and the edge 54 & 55 Rc.

Handle Made Of :             Rose Wood

Scabbard made Of:         Water Buffalo Hide/Leather (Outside) and  Pinewood  (Inside)

Made by:                         Fix Blade with Handmade

Weight of Blade:             550-600  Grams

Weight with scabbard:    800-800  Grams

Blade Length:                  11 Inch

Total Length:                   16 Inch

Thickness of Blade:         1 cm

This Khukuri was designed before the second ward war in Nepal but it became popular when British Gurkha used this Khukuri in the second world war. Gurkha soldiers won many battles with this Khukuri and were awarded prestigious awards like Victoria Cross, the highest military honor for bravery in the British Army. The blade of this Khukuri is more curve and heavier than standard Khukuri.

Along with a Khukuri knife, a cover, two smaller knives (Karda & Chakmak) are also included.

Karda & Chakmak:  The Karda is used as an auxiliary knife and the Chakmak is used for sharpening the blade in its blunt.


Khukuri looks simple, but it could be a dangerous weapon. There are some ways to use it in order to avoid an accident. Protect the cutting blade from metal, stone, and other hard items. Make your blade always dry after use and apply some lubricants on the blade to protect it from rust.



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