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Hand Hammered Tibetan  Singing Bowl  8 Inch with Free Cushion and Mallet 

Purchase include: 
1 Singing Bowl
1 Round Cushion
1 Wooden Suede Mallet

These are medium size hand-hammered Singing  Bowls. This Singing Bowl produces a deep vibrating sound.
As the bowls are handmade, they are slightly different in size and thickness. The thickness of the metal and size make for the variations in the vibrations. The pitch and sound produced by these bowls are rich and numerous. The bowls are made of an alloy of different metals, which as a result give a range of different sounds and overtones.  

Techniques to Play Singing Bowls:

There are usually five basic techniques for playing the bowls:- Beating, Encircling, Adding of Water, Adding of toneless vowels, Spinning

The seven phases of a complete singing bowls relaxation are a gentle treatment of:- 

1. the Head, 

2. The Arms

3. The Neck, Face and Throat

4. The back

5. The Abdomen and chest,

6. The face, 

7. Round off or Neck Lift.

 Resulting effects by the use of singing bowls:

 * Promotion of the energy balance

* Reduction of stress and associated emotions and as a result of tensions too.

* Enhancement of creativity and imagination.

* Balancing of the hemispheres of the brain

* Helping to harmonize the body, the spirit and the soul.

* Giving a positive self-image and help to develop assertiveness

We offer Genuine Handmade Singing Bowls of different sizes and designs. We can also make with your design/logo or images. Please ask for a quote for bulk order.



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