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Gurkha service number 1 Khukuri is an official Khukuri of  British Gurkha soldiers world-wide. This  is a  sharp knife kukri  with unique craftsmanship. The handle is made of  buffalo horn and scabbard with buffalo leather. This kukri can be used in cutting wood, meat, clear the branches and bushes besides self defense purposes. 

Blade  Material

Highly Graded Carbon Steel, Semi/polished blade

Steel Category

A grade leaf spring steel (from car or jeep 5160)

Hardness of Steel

Spine 22 & 25 Rc, Midpoint of the belly 45 & 46 Rc, and the edge 54 & 55 Rc.

Handle Made Of

Water Buffalo Horn

Length of Handle

5 inch

Scabbard Made Of

Water Buffalo Hide/Leather (Outside) and  Pine wood  (Inside)

Manufacturing type

Handmade with a fix blade

Thickness of Spine

1 cm

Length of Blade

10.5 Inch

Overall Length

16 Inch

Weight  of Blade

500-550  Grams

Overall Weight  

800 Grams

Shipping Weight

1 Kilogram

*As Khukuris are handmade they may have slight variations in measurements. The Khukuri comes with in a leather case and with two smaller knives: the Karda and the Chakmak. The Karda is used as an auxiliary knife and The  Chakmak is used for sharpening the blade of the Kukhuri.

The Khukuri can be a useful working tool as well as an excellent present for decoration.


Do not encircle the scabbard with your finger while taking out your Khukuri. This may cause injury.

·          When you take out the Kukri from its case or scabbard, always make sure that the sharp side of the blade is opposite to your body.

·          If the blade is stuck in the case or scabbard, do not try to take it out with force, Move the blade up and down a couple of times and try to pull it slowly out.


·          Please apply machine/gun oil, on the blade at least once a month or every time after use.  As Kukhuris are made of carbon steel, make sure not to leave any fingerprint on the blade. The fingerprints may contribute to the blade to rust. In case rust develops, rub it off with fine sandpaper, clean the dirt using petroleum oil, wipe it off with a clean cloth and apply lubricating oil.

·          Both sides of the Chakmak can be used to sharpen the blade of THE KHUKURI. However, a sharpening stone is recommended.

·          Please do not expose the Scabbard to the sun for a long time, as heating may shrink the Scabbard and can make the blade difficult to insert in the Scabbard.

DO NOT HIT THE KUKHURI AGAINST ANY METAL, STONES OR ANY OTHER HARD MATERIALS. Make sure your blade is always dry after use and apply some lubricants on the blade to protect it from rust.


Import duties, taxes, and other charges ( if any) at destination countries are of the buyer ’s responsibility and hence we shall not take any responsibilities on these.